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Air Preparation

Festo Combination Unit D Series
Combination Unit Festo MS Series
Filter Festo D Series
Filter Festo MS Series
Filter Regulator Festo D Series
Filter Regulator Festo MS Series
Lubricator Festo D Series
Lubricator Festo MS Series
Filter SAF Series
SAFM Mist Filter
SAFD Micro Mist Filter
SAL Series Lubricator
SAR Series Regulator
SAU Modular Combination Series
SAW Filter Regulator Series
SAD Drip Leg Drain

Fittings and Tube

One Touch Push Fit Fittings
PolyPropelene One Touch Fittings
Brass Fittings
PEN Tube


5 Port Pilot Valve
Line 100 M5 Mechanical Valve
Line 120 1/8" Mechanical Valve
Line 125 1/4" Mechanical Valve
SMV Mechanical valve
Foot Pedal SV200
Festo Mechanical Valves
Line 110 1/8" 3 Port Valve
SV50 M5 Series Solenoid Valve
SV100 Series 1/8" Solenoid Valve
SV200 1/4" Series Solenoid Valve
SV300 3/8" Series Solenoid Valve
SV400 1/2" Series Solenoid Valve
Festo Tiger Range
Festo ISO Range Valve
Festo CPX Valve Terminals


MC10-16 Mini Series
MC20-40 Mini Series Cylinder
DSNU Festo ISO Round Series Cylinder
SC40 - SC100 Series Cylinder
DSBC Festo ISO Cylinder
Piston Rod Attachments
Festo Rodless Cylinder
ADN Festo Compact Cylinder
ADNGF Festo Guided Compact
ADNM Festo Multi Compact
DGRF Festo Guided Cylinder


Angle Seat Valve
VZWF Series Valve
VZWP Series Valve
Actuated Valves
VZWM Valve Series
VZWD Valve Series


Couplers Festo
Quick Exhaust Valve
Flow Controls
Foot Pedal Line 140

Piping Systems

Air Line Xtra ABS Pipe


Our Compressors

PSL Total Air are committed to providing the best compressors on the market through our partnership with Kaeser Compressors.


PSL Total Care

PSL Total Care is a comprehensive Preventative Maintenance Programme designed to keep you factory working without break-downs


Full System Design

PSL Total Air provide full system design services from the supply of air through to the tools in the factory


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24/7 Emergency Repair

PSL Energy Management

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Utility Air

Full System Design

PSL Preventative Maintenance

Screw Compressors

SX Series 0.26 to 0.80 m3/min

SXC Series 0.26 to 0.80 m3/min

SM Series 0.30 to 1.50 m3/min

SK Series 1.32 to 2.5m3/min

ASK Series 0.8-4.06m3/min

ASD.3 Series

BSD Series 1.12 to 8.19 m3/min

CSD/CSDX Series 1.07 to 16.16 m3/min

...More Compressors

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