PSL Preventative Maintenance (Total Air)

Improve reliability and confidence in your compressed air supply

Option 1

Ensure your compressors are being regularly checked and potential problems we identified before they stop your operation.

Option 2

Spread the cost of minimum maintenance levels on your compressors while checking for reliability issues.

Option 3

The cost effective solution spreads all standard kit maintenance cost while ensuring reliability but not paying for large capital items till they occur.


Total peace of mind preventative maintenance. This extended warranty package covers all work that may ever be required.

Service Option Items Option 1 Option 2 Option 3 Premium
Service CheckXXXX
Air FiltersXXX
Oil FiltersXXX
Separator ElementsXXX
Filter MatsXXX
Oil AnalysisXXX
Inlet valve maintenance kitXX
Inlet vlve repair kitXX
MPV Maintenance kitXX
MPV repair kitXX
Blow down coolersXXX
Ecodrain KitsXX
Belts (if applicable)XX
Motor Pulley (if applicable)XX
Pump Pulley (if applicable)XX
Electrical CheckXX
Control valve disphragm & amatureXX
Control valve repair kitXX
Greasable bearing lubeXXX
Non-greaseable bearing changeXX
O-Ring kitXX
Steam clean coolersX
Control linesX
Replace safety valveX
Air end changeX
Air end fitting kitX
Controller exchangeX
Cooler replacementX
Electric motor replacementX
Sensor replacementX
Labour for service check onlyX
Labour for service check, filters and oilX
Labour for service check and service kitsXX
All labourX
Standby CompressorX
Service reportXXXX
PSL Total Connect LoginXXXX


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PSL Total Air are committed to providing the best compressors on the market through our partnership with Kaeser Compressors.


PSL Total Care

PSL Total Care is a comprehensive Preventative Maintenance Programme designed to keep you factory working without break-downs


Full System Design

PSL Total Air provide full system design services from the supply of air through to the tools in the factory


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