PSL Energy Management

What you can measure you can manage. Energy Management encompasses three things:

  1. Demand Analysis
  2. Supply Audits; and
  3. Air leak surveys

A demand analysis is a detailed check of power, air and energy consumption. It is aimed at locating any inefficient use of compressed air. A good example of inefficiently using compressed air would be when you use it to blow water off stored products. A low pressure air blower can do this job more efficiently.

Once inefficiencies are identified PSL Total Air can offer practical solutions to solving those issues like recommending you use valves to stop air flow when the machine is not in use.

Supply Audits calculate the amount of compressed air that is needed in order to operate the machinery or equipment your business uses. A common issue picked up in a supply audit is where a compressor is excessive off-load run time. PSL Total Air would then discuss options which would reduce this off-load time.

Air leak surveys identify leaks in the compressed air system. Air leaks are extremely important to minimise to maintain plant efficiency. An oil leak is messy so you fix it, a steam leak is dangerous so you fix it, and an air leak is also costly to your business and so too should be fixed.

Ultrasonic reports are prepared finding the smallest of holes. On clients instructions PSL Total Air can repair minor leaks while they undertake the survey and when more involved repairs are required, PSL Total Air’s expert staff will offer recommendations that best suit the clients situation.


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PSL Total Air are committed to providing the best compressors on the market through our partnership with Kaeser Compressors.


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PSL Total Care is a comprehensive Preventative Maintenance Programme designed to keep you factory working without break-downs


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PSL Total Air provide full system design services from the supply of air through to the tools in the factory


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